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Production department operator.

Job responsibilities:

1. High school or above.
2. Age 18-28 (male and female)
3. Prudent and careful, with a high sense of responsibility and quality.
4. Strong anti-pressure ability, willing to deal with all kinds of work problems and difficulties, self-motivated and good at learning and summarizing.
5. Semiconductor package, eye test, probe card, hand machine module, precision instrument assembly and other related work are preferred.


Customer manager

Job specification:

1. bachelor degree or above, major in international trade, English, etc. 

2. fluent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, good image and language expression and communication skills; 

3. more than 2 years of sales experience, 

4. good sense of responsibility and strong sense of customer service. 

5. strong ability of strain and coordination, able to independently develop domestic and foreign markets and customers. 

6. have certain ability of withstanding pressure, can accept business trip.

Job responsibilities:

1. Independently developed domestic and foreign markets, customer visits, order negotiation, quotation, order processing, contract review, payment collection, delivery tracking, customer complaint handling, etc.;
2. Make follow-up visit and investigation to customers and maintain customer relationship;
3. Other work contents delivered by sales manager.


Sales assistant

Job specification:

1.cet-4, fluent in English listening, speaking, reading and writing; 

2. cheerful and lively personality with good image, language expression and communication skills; 

3. strong strain and coordination ability, able to handle urgent problems independently and difficult complaints; 

4. good sense of responsibility and customer service; 5. able to adapt to short-term business trips.

Job responsibilities:

1. Order and after-sales management (including domestic and foreign customers);
2. Customer maintenance and communication, new customers and new market development;
3. Make follow-up visits and surveys to customers to obtain direct feedback from customers;
4. Cooperate with other department's daily business and other affairs assigned by the supervisor.

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